Learn About African, Languages, Cultures & Heritage

Vambo Academy is an online platform that aims to teach African languages and share various aspects of African heritage whilst preserving its value.

The language and communication skills learned on the Vambo Academy platform are ready for immediate use.

Our specialized and personalized teaching approach is designed to meet the needs of each learner be they children, students, working professionals, travellers or interested parties looking to learn more about Africa.

Advancing African Education

With a population of over 1.2 billion, communication with the inhabitants of Africa is of great importance. Vambo Academy aims to be a leader in teaching African languages online and storing historic and present information on the state of the continent. From the design of traditional attire and structure of huts to the indigenous fauna and flora of various regions, Vambo will advance the field of African indigenous education.

Fun & Personalised Experience

Our programme caters for the various ways in which people learn through the use of lessons in reading, writing, speaking and listening. To keep the learning aspect interesting and unique, we have introduced audio and visual aids, quizzes and various learning resources to walk with you through the process.

Easily Accessible

The ability to speak multiple languages is essential in communicating however the opportunity to learn is not always accessible. Our online platform creates a web-based environment in which users can access the service anywhere and grow to communicate with Africans both on the continent and in its diaspora.


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