Vambo Academy Guidelines

Vambo Academy is a platform that avails African knowledge and language to its users. Our guidelines are in line with the values of sharing a community commensurate with the values in African societies. These guidelines are important to us and actions will be taken should they not be sustained.

Culture of Respect

Languages are unique and those that choose to learn them possess the same qualities. Some of these may be different from those that are familiar to others. Vambo Academy commits to preserving a culture of respect for the content representative of the African continent and all who embark on the journey of learning the languages offered on the platform.

Culture of Support

Learning about a different part of the world can be challenging. We applaud all who pursue African knowledge. Vambo Academy commits to cultivating a culture of support where incorrect use and understanding of language and culture is corrected kindly with care.

Culture of Sharing

The impact of globalisation has influenced the essence of African cultures and languages. The fact that different Africans are resident all over the world has also increased the number of dialects and types of pronunciations for certain phrases. Vambo Academy commits to instil a culture of sharing where new knowledge is readily provided and accepted to contribute to the art of learning.

Culture of Safety

African communities are social communities however Vambo Academy commits to emphasise that online safety is an important component of making use of its platform. Vambo Academy discourages users from using the platform to organise physical meetings and sharing personal information such as contact details, addresses and exact location details. Should a post consisting of personal information be shared, this will warrant the possible removal of the account.

Vambo Academy should not be used for the following purposes:

  • Verbal attacks directed at individuals or groups of people

Vambo Academy is an accommodating platform for its diverse range of learners. Any hurtful attacks directed at Vambo Academy members using hate speech and images will not be tolerated.

  • Inappropriate content

Vambo Academy condemns the use of inappropriate usernames, profile images and posts. This includes media that may include nudity, sexual and inappropriate content (eg. cursing). As stated in the terms, the replacement and/or removal of disturbing content may result in the suspension or expulsion of accounts without notice.

  • Spamming

The act of spamming includes continuously posting or sharing irrelevant and disruptive content on Vambo Academy platforms. This includes posts without substance, posts requesting financial commitments, excessive advertising and promotion of products & services. Accounts which engage in spamming behaviour may be suspended or removed altogether subject to no prior notice

  • Dishonest sharing

Vambo Academy commits to provide an authentic learning experience consisting of reliable information. Any account that engages in misleading acts and/or sharing malicious content will be suspended or removed without prior notice. This includes material that may impact the credibility of the learning material, the online system and the experience by other users.

Vambo Academy does not condone content that is:

  • Abusive (Verbally or otherwise) or harassing
  • Bullying or threatening
  • Illegal
  • Misleading
  • Personal or confidential information
  • Pornographic or excessively sexual
  • Racist or Intolerant of diversity
  • Spamming
  • Violent

Vambo Academy is a community and in order to make the community accommodating to all users, we encourage that these guidelines are followed. Any accounts that violate these guidelines risk suspension or expulsion from Vambo Academy.

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